We aRE the Virtuous COllective

Financial Planning is our bread and butter.

Allow us to show you our sandwiches.

We meet you where you are – and take you where you want to go. 

Here are the life stages that we specialise in.


Let’s get your wealth journey on the right track with advice on investments, superannuation, debt reduction and insurance.

Strategic Planning

We’ll turbocharge your plan with advice on SMSFs, leveraged investments, business structures, tax-effective strategies and more.

Retirement (TTR)

Advice designed to fund your desired lifestyle while growing or preserving your assets. Why not also reduce your tax liability to $0?


The VCo Growth 85The Reuben Sandwich

This sandwich is for you if you’re hungry for longer term growth – with a thicker slice to be invested in equities.

The Reuben is the perfect sandwich to impress your friends at lunchtime.

The Reuben has been prepared with 85% of its ingredients freshly picked from best in class fund managers and exchange traded funds, resulting in delicious levels of historical growth.

The remaining 15% is allocated to tasty defensive assets that go far beyond the bland “cash & bonds” approach.

All of this dished up on a silver platter – Get it while it’s hot!

Our Awards

We don’t attend award ceremonies because we’re too busy winning.

Financial planning websites will show you the typical client testimonials that always tell the same old boring story… “They are such a professional company,” “5 star Google rating”, blah blah blah…

You’ll also see financial planners flashing their awards and accolades while claiming to be “The Best” or “Voted #1” – usually decided by a small group of friendly associates – never by their clients and never for their performance.

We at The Virtuous Collective let the results speak for themselves…

100% Claims Success

Our success rate is 100% on claims for insurance policies that we recommended. resulting in millions of dollars going to hard working Australians in times of need.

We are self licenced

We are self licenced and our advice is free of influence from large corporations and institutions. This means that we can truly pick the best products and solutions for our valued clients.

Amazing Performance

Due to our truly dynamic management style, our sandwiches have delicious levels of historical performance. We invite you to compare!

Happy Clients

We have over 1,200 happy clients all over Australia! No-one has ever had an unresolved formal complaint with us.

Virtuous Snacks

Digestible financial topics and updates about our team

To be rich, you don’t need money, privilege, or knowledge, just the audacity to reject toxic norms and embrace the unpopular truth.

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