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11 Unpopular Reasons Why I’m Rich and You’re Not

Stories and Lessons from My Unlikely Success

To be rich, you don’t need money, privilege, or knowledge, just the audacity to reject toxic norms and embrace the unpopular truth.

About the Author  Bryce Jenkins 

At the age of 21, Bryce Jenkins was a worn-out drug abuser on the verge of bankruptcy, pretending to be rich. From the vantage point of the gutter, he saw that societies are founded on a set of toxic ideas, keeping 99% of the masses on a suicide mission to oblivion. Bryce rejected the tyranny of these norms in favour of count- er-initiative wisdom that would stimulate extraordinary levels of performance, a benchmark reserved exclusively for the “one percenters.”

Through hard work and entrepreneurial swagger, Bryce transformed himself, becoming a multimillionaire by the age of 27 and a mentor to thousands wishing to embrace true richness.

Warning: These pages contain zero regard for your feelings. Bryce shares the hopeful-yet-harsh realities of what it takes to be rich. His reasons and ideas are so unpopular that most people never consider them out of fear of painful change or loss of tribal popularity.

Bryce tackles the issues head-on with self-deprecating cynicism and humour, making the jagged “red pills” of truth that little bit easier to swallow. At minimum, you’ll be entertained as he shares his R-rated adventures and lessons learned.

To be rich, you don’t need money, privilege, or knowledge, just the audacity to reject toxic norms and embrace the unpopular truth.

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Unlock your potential with the V200 Club