A message from the founder

If you’re thinking “I really don’t know how or whether The VCo can help me,” that’s completely normal.

Financial planning is kind of like getting your house cleaned by a professional cleaner.

At first, you think you can do it yourself, and you spend all weekend cleaning your house and your house stays clean… for a while anyway.

But the clutter, the dirt and the mould start slowly accumulating again. You allocate a couple more hours here and there ‘spot-cleaning’ and the house looks okay, but you’re still not 100% happy with the state of it, vowing to do it ‘properly’ later.

You repeat this process, over and over, and each time you grow more resentful of your environment because it’s not the way you want, and it’s not the picture you imagined for your future.

You eventually reach a point where you’re ready to hire a cleaner, but now you’re too embarrassed even to get a quote. You insist that you’ll ‘clean up a little’ before your cleaner comes, so they don’t judge you…

But still, you put this off.

Then one day, you snap “to hell with it, I’m getting a cleaner!” and you invite one into your home.

Within minutes you realise that house cleaners are in fact non-judgemental and have seen many houses in a much worse state than yours… (hopefully!)

After just one clean, you’re wondering why the hell you didn’t do this years ago.

With regular cleaning, your home will become the sanctuary it was meant to be, and you’ll come to enjoy your environment rather than resent it…

The first step to financial planning is to have a chat with us so we can help identify the financial areas of your life that need improvement. If we can help, we’ll offer you advice in these areas. If we can’t we’ll refer you to someone who can.

Initial consultations are always free, and you’ll be given the opportunity to review our advice before committing to it.

If you’re ready to take that step, you can book online here.


Bryce Jenkins

Founder of The VCo & Co-Owner of Regularly Cleaned House

Wealth Creation

Investment advice designed to increase your wealth. Includes superannuation, SMSF, personally held & non-super entities.

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80% of Australians do not accumulate enough wealth in their lifetime to enjoy a comfortable standard of living in retirement. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you’re already rich, do you want to be richer, or just stay rich? If you’re not in love with your current adviser, you’ll probably fall in love with us.

Transition to Retirement (TTR)

Delicious tax benefits on offer from the Commonwealth Government. Over 60 and still working? You need to consider a TTR strategy. 

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If you are over the age of 60, are still working and have superannuation, you should be doing a TTR.

Like seriously, if you’re not doing a TTR, you’re either too rich to benefit or you’re paying way too much in unnecessary tax.



Ask yourself this – how long could you survive without an income? 

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Control what you can, insure what you cannot. We like to think of insurance as ‘investing in failure’. Our advice surrounding investments is designed to increase your wealth in the event of success, whereas our advice surrounding insurance is to preserve your wealth and your lifestyle in the event of failure. Think failure doesn’t happen? Think again.

  • 80% of Australians will suffer an illness or injury keeping them out of the workforce for 30 days or longer before the age of 65. Consider income protection to continue your lifestyle in the event of prolonged illness or injury.
  • 35% of Australians will suffer a serious medical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart attack before age 65. Consider trauma insurance to provide a lump sum payment to cover expensive medical costs and get the best treatment money can buy.
  • 25% of Australians will die before their 65th birthday and just when things couldn’t get any worse, an early death will often result in serious financial hardship for the surviving family. Consider life insurance to keep your beneficiaries financially safe.
  • 18% of Australians will become totally & permanently disabled (TPD) beyond the point of returning to work before age 65. Consider TPD insurance to manage your debts and get the care you need if your body or mind shuts down.

Strategic Planning

We get really technical with leveraged investment and tax-effective debt recycling strategies.

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Imagine if we took an existing investment strategy that was already kicking ass… and attached a ROCKET* to it!

*By ‘rocket’ we mean that we are going to try to send your wealth skyward. We are not talking about the rockets designed to explode on impact…

Retirement (inc. TTR)

How much will you need? Are you on track? If not, we can show you how to bridge the gap.

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If you’re retired, or planning to retire, the way you structure your assets will make a huge difference to your wealth, taxation and eligibility for the age pension. A bad structure could result in the unnecessary erosion of your wealth and falling short of your desired lifestyle needs.


Bryce would be more than happy to share his secrets to maintaining a fairly impressive running schedule.

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Our Founder Bryce Jenkins is one of those seriously disturbed people who runs 40-60km per week and regularly competes in marathons (42.2km) and ultramarathons (50km+). While Bryce is by no means a professional athlete, nor is he qualified to give any personal training advice, he would be more than happy to share his secrets to maintaining a fairly impressive running schedule. Although, according to Bryce, the sport of running is pretty simple… Just run.

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