Introducing Bryce Jenkins

Unleashing Honesty and Energy for Your Events

Welcome to the realm of un-ignorable honesty and infectious energy. Bryce Jenkins, a dynamic speaker, is ready to revolutionise your meetings and events, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Bryce specialises in thought-provoking presentations that challenge conventional wisdom and ignite new perspectives. Whether you’re aiming to empower your team, stimulate critical thinking, or infuse a sense of resilience, Bryce has a captivating message for your audience.

Speaking Topics

How To Get Richer While Everyone Else Gets Poorer

How Popular Wisdom Is Destroying Your Life

Stay Woke, Stay Broke

The Counterintuitive Way to Tell Calculated Risk from Recklessness

Building Character through Sacrifice (The Rule of 4)

How To Define and Unlock Everlasting Richness through the Careful Crafting of Legacy

Debt: Who Really has the Power?

Why Suffering is Vital for Success

Why Motivation is a Dangerous Drug (Methadone For Motivation)

Recovery Is Not Progress

Grow Richer by Taking Responsibility for Everything

There is No Justice, Only What You’re Prepared to Fight For

How To Achieve Beyond Your Wildest Dreams with Flow

Before booking Bryce, please take note of the following:
  1. Bryce’s presentations are best suited to audiences who do not offend easily.
  2. Bryce can dial down foul language and make his presentation appropriate for kids and teenagers, however, please be aware that he will not obey popular discourses he deems to be toxic and counterproductive. If unsure, please read and be comfortable with the content in 11 Unpopular Reasons Why I’m Rich And You’re Not
  3. Bryce’s presentations are interactive and may include playful banter.
  4. While Bryce is open to intellectual discussion or debate on any topic, if there is any bullying, hijacking, or baseless character assassination, whether against the speaker or any of the attendees, Bryce will terminate his presentation and there will be no refunds.
  5. Bryce’s presentations are designed to be inspiring, thought-provoking, and fun. There will be no compromise on content or style.

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To be rich, you don’t need money, privilege, or knowledge, just the audacity to reject toxic norms and embrace the unpopular truth.

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