Dear Beloved Investors,

The major sharemarket indices are coming off the boil.

Don’t be alarmed, this is exactly what we planned for.

If you followed our advice last year, you will be invested in either The VCo Defensive 50 (“The Tuna Salad Wrap”) or The VCo Vegemite Sandwich. (Let me know if you’re not sure).

The VCo Defensive 50 is just 1.9% down from it’s peak in December 2021 versus -10% S&P500 and -8% ASX300, meaning that we’ve been able to mitigate a great deal this correction. Our short-term defensive strategy is working a treat!

I believe that there is going to be a lot more downward pressure on the sharemarket, and my advice to everyone who is invested in one of the above sandwiches, is to just chill while everyone is freaking out. Unless we really stuffed something up somewhere, our defensive sandwiches will keep you protected. You are not immune to loss, but we are confident that these losses will be minimised.

When we are satisfied that the correction is in its final stages, we will be deploying our more aggressive sandwiches, being The VCo Reuben Sandwich and The VCo Ham & Cheese Sandwich, to take advantage of the upswing.

Always remember that following periods of correction, there are periods of delicious prosperity.

We are ready to take a bite!